Let's Create Change

The number of Americans that have an unmet need for behavioral health treatment (a number we’re working to reduce every day).

The number of residents in our community who live with a mental illness. This translates to 1 in 4. 

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The increase in Behavioral Health related ED visits experienced by Main Line Health and our surrounding communities in the past five years.

What We'll Do

Our vision is to fund and complete a two floor expansion of our current facility, designed to be personalized to each individual’s needs. The new Behavioral Health unit will be an expansive, restorative space that promotes healing and prioritizes the safety and security of patients, visitors and staff. Imagine an environment free of stressors like crowding and noise, thanks to clinically effective features such as spatial and acoustic privacy, piped ambient music and circadian lighting.

The space will not only include rooms for individual, group and family therapy; and medication management and detoxification; but also extra-conventional therapies such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Additional spaces designated for dining, relaxation, and family time will further complete the inpatient experience.

This expansion is estimated to be completed and fully functional in 2022, and will feature:

40 Private Rooms​

Group Therapy Spaces​

Nursing Stations​

Examination Rooms​

Exercise Facilities ​

Dining & Staff Lounge Rooms ​

Physicians Offices ​

Social Work & Staff Offices ​

Sustainable Goals

Along our journey toward completing our core mission, we have set a series of attainable, scaleable goals to help us better serve our patients and our community. These goals include:

Provide 20 More Beds

Growing our Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit by just 20 beds will allow us to admit over 1,000 additional patients annually.

Serve 1,200 Additional Patients

Without open beds, 1,200 patients each year are turned away. They’re then forced to seek treatment outside of our system and, often, our region.

Develop Adolescent Behavioral Health Care

The need for adolescent inpatient care is drastically under-addressed in our community.  With your help, we can explore the development of our adolescent inpatient resources, and ultimately work to better serve young patients.

Your Donation Matters

Help us reach our goal of providing comprehensive care to the patients in our communities that need it most. Every donation brings us one step closer to helping re-sculpt the narrative of mental health treatment.
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Sincere thanks to our generous donors who have already supported our campaign.